NEW: LITE↯BLOX 16V light battery for dragracing & sprint


From now on, in addition to the proven series, we offer an additional 16V model for professional motorsport use in the area of ​​dragster & sprint vehicles (quarter mile), in which the alternator is mostly dispensed with to optimize weight…

The latest member of the LITE↯BLOX family was tested last year with our partner TR-Racing and is now available as a standard version LB21XX or LB21XXMS with Kill-Switche harness incl. CAN-bus interface for realtime telemetry analysis.

your advantages:

  • Significant weight savings compared to the commercial lead-acid-based racing batteries -> minus 10-20kg
  • Elimination of the alternator, due to the increased voltage level (16V) -> minus 1-4kg
  • Significantly increased starting speed at the starter due to the high peak performance of the LiFePO4 battery cells -> no electrical sprint pump for back-pumping, on behalf of increased power output from the start!
  • Stable power supply without dips across the entire power range due to low internal resistance
  • Marginal charging times thanks to increased charge absorption -> when using our LB300I charger (20A), a completely discharged LITE↯BLOX LB21XX can be fully charged again within <30min
  • Compatible with common 16V control devices (FuelTech / MSD Ignition / etc.)