how to save 20kg weight in your Porsche 991 GT3

Our customer CarCareKassel has created a tutorial for the commissioning of the LITE↯BLOX in the Porsche 991 GT3 & explains the integrated kill-switch & vehicle anti theft protection via smartphone APP:

Since the heavy car battery is installed just under the windshield in all water-cooled Porsche models – and thus occupies a comparatively high center of gravity – the potential for weight savings is particularly high here by using a lightweight lithium-based battery (17-23kg depending on Model).

For the various Porsche vehicles, our two models LB20XX or LB28XX (performance) or LB20XXMS or LB28XXMS (racing) can be used.

In terms of starting performance, both variants – even with current vehicles – should be above the standard starter battery & experience shows that depending on the model, they save 17-23kg.

The decision as to which model is used depends on the vehicle, but also always on the intended use: Since current vehicles of the 9X1 series e.g. have a complex charging management system (partly including energy recuperation), only the large LB28XX can be used here.

A comparatively older water-cooled model should be decided depending on the intended use and personal preferences – e.g. the vehicle The LB28XX should be used as a daily or all year round, the LB20XX is usually sufficient for a seasonal vehicle. The LB20XX is generally sufficient for older air-cooled models – the small LB14XX is out of the question due to the comparatively high starter currents at Porsche.