LITE↯BLOX powered Corvette Z06 Tracktool Monster

“I have already driven a bunch of fast rides -previously the SL AMG with 700NM torque-
but nothing like the Z06 so far.
Over half a ton lighter than the SL, old school 2-valve,
reving up to 7,000rpm, with manual transmission.
A real sports car…?
No – a street legel race car from factory!”

In 1st gear up to 100 km/h without shifting?

A new car and you have to get used to the little things…
For our customer Thomas and the Z06 it was the manual gearbox: Sometimes he took the 3rd instead of the 1st gear and not even noticed when the 7011ccm spread over 8 cylinders providing torque in abundance.

The engine revs like hell – toxic from 3,500rpm, 1st gear well over 100km/h, 2nd gear about 150, when the 325 rear tires are trying to overtake the body.
In wet conditions, Thomas rarely and reluctantly drives – no fun, if you have to drive like a raw egg on the gas pedal. Since it was risky even in 3rd gear, speed cellar and then full throttle, rather not. Sometimes it also twitched in 4th gear.
But you can also cruise, a climb up, 4th gear from the speed cellar and you can feel that there is something serious under the hood.

Moreover Thomas spend his “Vette” some small but nice upgrades:
Thus, the production engine was completely revised and runs now in the race setup on ethanol (E85) with nearly 600 horses – unbridled power that communicates about powerful 335 semislicks with the asphalt.
Concerning the necessary driving dynamics, a racing suspension is used plus bucket seats and extra light wheels to slim down the 1418kg from factory.

At the beginning of the 2019 season, Thomas also said goodbye to his heavy lead-acid starter battery and has been using our LB28XX (2.8kg) flagship model ever since.
The LITE↯BLOX saves an additional 20kg to the standard battery in this vehicle and thanks to I.K.O.S. function simply switch off for the winter season plus protects the precious ride from theft by our integrated A.V.A.T. feature.

+ + + vehicle + + +

  • model: Corvette C6 Z06
  • engine: V8 7011ccm
  • power: 590ps
  • weight: <1400kg

+ + + modlist + + +

  • Recaro Pole Position
  • OZ Allegerita 18″
  • Toyo R888 VA 265/35/18 – HA 335/30/18
  • engine complety revised (ARH Longtubes, MSD Intake, Katech 116 Nockenwelle)

Davids road legal Toyota Supra dragster

“My name is David & I own
one of the most extreme street-legal cars in Germany… “

The 10XXPS Supra Dragster – powered by LITE↯BLOX LBtrack

The customer bought the car as a started and partially completely disassembled project about 5 years ago – the goal was to crack the performance mark of 1000PS right from the beginning and so almost everything was turned upside down…

From the complete TRD wide body kit via one-piece propshaft to the huge turbocharger providing whopping 1073whp @ 2bar while block and cylinder head were built by Thomas Franz, one of the most renowned engine builders in Germany:

The engine is monitored by a SYVECS S6 ECU in conjunction with a TOUCAN touch screen which provides the driver with all important data and various driving modes. A safety cell also found its place in the painted interior. Contact with the road is provided by WELD RTS forged wheels from the USA (VA 275×18 “/ HA 325×15”), to which the rear-wheel drive Supra demands a lot when accelerating:

“The car is just a lot of fun and requires the driver’s highest concentration. 1073whp and 1005NM at about 1600kg vehicle weight – almost 1.5 kilos to move one horsepower is quite fast I would say…”

To start the metallic gray monster, David relies on our brand new LITE↯BLOX LBtrack (2.2kg) plus adapter plate since this season, saving hardly 20kg to the previously used stock battery plus providing enough cranking power in every situation:

NEW: LITE↯BLOX high performance Motorsport Version

After many years of development and extensive field tests with selected partners in professional motorsport, we now offer our proven LITE↯BLOX product series as a special version for strictly racing applications.

The technology-leading LITE↯BLOX MotorSport accumulator series has been developed in close cooperation with a large semiconductor company to fit automotive standards and comes with an additional DEUTSCH Autosport connector including motorsport harness by DC electronics, enabling full integration into the vehicle’s CAN-bus system.

Using state-of-the-art semiconductor elements coupled with a powerful microprocessor, the LITE↯BLOX LBM provides comprehensive & accurate telemetry recording (current, voltage, temperature) over the entire race distance, supporting fault diagnosis in the vehicle periphery – either via CAN bus or integrated wireless interface (smartphone / tablet).

The LITE↯BLOX LBMS replaces the standard car battery plus the common “Solid State Relay” battery isolator module (CARTEK, ARMTECH, etc) at a fraction of the installation cost and has been tested along with the FIA ​​for use in professional motorsport.
The scope of delivery also includes a wiring harness with two buttons (IP67), which can be used to switch off the battery inside of the vehicle or by the marshal from outside.

The LITE↯BLOX LBMS comes as a derivative of the current product series, tested & fully built by hand at our manufactury in Germany and is now available through our online shop as a variant of all three existing models LB14XX / LB20XX / LB28XX .

LITE↯BLOX as power source in Formula Student racing

We would like to thank the young up-and-coming motor sportsmen of the #FormulaStudent Team RUB Motorsport for the great cooperation in the past season.
The LITE↯BLOX LB19XX model is used here as the only power source in the vehicle and has always worked reliably:

“One of the most important decisions in the introduction of the lightweight construction concept in 2016 was the renunciation of an electric generator to bring even more engine power to the road. However, since many essential systems in the race car must be supplied with power, accordingly high demands are placed on the battery: This must ensure a complete Endurance race in the Formula Student that the power supply does not break – this would be the end of the race for us mean.
Since 2017, we have found a reliable solution that has never left us in the lurch: The LITEBLOX has more than sufficient capacity and a very low weight and fits perfectly into our concept. With the latest generation of this battery, we can even check the individual cell voltages directly by app – on the racetrack a very useful tool!”