your revolutionary car battery...

saves up to 20 kilos


survives your vehicle


is smart & controllable


protects against car-theft


communicates with us


fulfills your expectations

lightweight engineering

as a German manufacturer with own development, production & customer support
according to ISO:9001, we set highest stakes on our patented products.
LITE↯BLOX - YOUR paradigm shift in weight saving:

smart battery management

each LITE↯BLOX comes with a smart battery management system (BMS),
protecting the battery cells from any kind of misuse,
plus can be operated remotely with two innovative features:

  • I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill Operation Switch [ remote operation]
    easy to disconnect & effective protection in the event of overload + deep sleep mode for vehicle sitting >1 year without recharging
  • A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft [ shut down ]
    consumers continue to be fed & as soon as an unauthorized start is made, the LITE↯BLOX immediately disconnects the starter motor
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extensive support

we offer comprehensive after-sales support for all of our products and assist with the installation process
based on our technology leading BMS, all units in the field can be monitored plus maintained remotely if necessary (IOT light):

groundbreaking design

our high-performance batteries are engineered according to the maxim “form follows function”.
consistently designed for extreme lightweight construction, using the highest quality materials.
our patented housing concept with carbon-fiber/foam sandwich decouples the battery cells
for minimum wear & maximum safety under extreme conditions:

fitting YOUR application

since market launch in 2014 LITE↯BLOX has set new standards in weight optimization for all types of vehicles
consistently developed as a full substitution for the heavy & technologically outdated lead-acid car battery
whether race car, daily driver or caravan - we provide the right LiFePO4 starter battery for YOUR application...
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