extended product warranty

(revision V1.1: 01th April 2021)

LITEWERKS GmbH, Robert-Bosch-Str. 18, D-78467 Konstanz (hereinafter “LITEWERKS”) guarantees the end customer (hereinafter “customer”) in accordance with the following provisions that the customer in Germany in the EU incl. Switzerland & Norway the LITE↯BLOX battery (hereinafter “product”) will be free from defects in material or workmanship within a period of 5 (in words: “five“) years from delivery (guarantee period).

LITEWERKS will, at its own discretion, rectify the errors claimed in this way at its own expense by repairing or delivering new or refurbished parts.

The warranty extends exclusively to products of the PERFORMANCE, PREMIUM, SMART series. Other claims of the customer against the manufacturer, in particular for damages, are excluded. The contractual or legal rights of the customer towards the respective seller are not affected by this guarantee.

Claims from this guarantee only exist if:
• the product has to be registered by the customer within two months of the purchase date using the LITE↯BLOX smartphone APP (alternatively using the warranty contact form below)
• the product shows no signs of damage or wear and tear caused by use that deviates from the normal use and specifications of the manufacturer (according to the user manual),
• the product has no features that suggest repairs or other interventions by workshops not authorized by the manufacturer,
• only accessories authorized by the manufacturer have been installed in the product,
• the serial number has not been removed or made unrecognizable.

Warranty claims can only be asserted against the manufacturer on presentation of the original invoice with the date of purchase within a period of two months after the warranty event or, if defects are not immediately apparent, within two months of their discovery. LITEWERKS will bear the cost of sending and returning the product. However, if LITEWERKS or the customer service responsible has given the customer a specific freight company for the submission and the customer uses another freight company, LITEWERKS will not be responsible for the costs of the submission.

If warranty claims are made and if the product is checked by LITEWERKS or the responsible customer service department and it is found that there was no error or the warranty claim does not exist for one of the reasons mentioned above, LITEWERKS is entitled to charge a service fee of 85EUR. This does not apply if the customer can prove that, according to the circumstances, he could not recognize that the guarantee was not valid.

This guarantee applies to the above extent and under the above conditions for any future future owner of the product (within the scope of validity) and is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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