NEW: LITE↯BLOX LBtrack lightweight motorsport battery

Due to the high demand, we now offer an alternative to the proven LITE↯BLOX product range for a small budget: The lightweight LITE↯BLOX LBtrack accumulator (2,3kg) comes in a plain housing with integrated BMS electronics in proven quality, aiming at customers in semi-professional racing series on a tight budget (Tracktool, Drift, Dragrace, TimeAttack, Slalom, Hillclimb, [...] read more

Crashtest LITEBLOX batteries in motorsport

“My “reallife test” has shown that you do not have to worry in the first place that the attachment is not enough!” After using the LITEBLOX LB2280 (GEN1) for almost two years, one of our customers in hillclimb -Holger Hovemann- hit a tree at approximately 140km/h – according to circumstances driver & LITEBLOX are both [...] read more

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LITEBLOX batteries – Christmas Tree Getaway

Due to heavy workload, we didn’t manage to get proper Christmas Tree in time. In our sheer desperation, we handed out the company car to our trainee & sent him into the woods…

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Overall vitory at the ADAC Hillclimb on LITEBLOX

“Die Betriebsspannung über 13V ist wirklich gigantisch und geht auch im Standgas null in die Knie…. …der Anlasser hat noch nie so schnell beim Starten gedreht. Also bin wirklich begeistert.” . No more problems with the electronic in the hillclimb monster of Hovemann Motorsport, thanks to our LITEBLOX batteries. Last weekend the Opel Kadett C [...] read more

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