STR060 – lightweight LiFePO4 LFP lithium storage battery automotive industry camping expedition


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Our feather-light premium LiFePO4 storage battery series “STORE” comes in a DIN housing according to OEM battery standard – manufactured & developed in Germany!

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Our feather-light LITE BLOX “STORE” series is a full replacement for your standard heavy lead-acid storage battery – manufactured & developed in Germany!

The stated capacity can actually be used and corresponds to 2-3 times the same Ah value of a conventional lead-acid battery.

Moreover the relevant battery data can be monitored at any time via our smartphone app over the integrated wireless interface and then sent to our customer service for field evaluation.

Thanks to our innovative, state-of-the-art concept, it can also be used on a 110/230V inverter in remote applications like camping or mobile homes.



  • 1:1 replacement for common lead-acid storage batteries according to DIN EN50342 (LN2/H5)
  • weight savings of up to 15kg compared to the standard lead-acid battery (wet, gel, AGM)
  • extensive protective functions through internal BMS (over & under voltage / current / temperature)
  • significantly longer service life and very high cycle stability (also in comparison to other lithium-based batteries)
  • fast charging / discharging & extremely low self-discharge, so hardly any trickle charge required for storage
  • environmentally friendly because no lead and longer service life (maintenance-free / no sulphation / no outgassing)
  • parallel connection of several LiFePO4 batteries, also of different sizes possible (please check with us beforhand)
  • to substitute your heavy lead acid starter battery use our LITE BLOX “START” or LITE BLOX “SMART” units



  • Caravans, Motorhomes, Campers, Vans
  • Boat engines, marine
  • PV system solar panels
  • off-grid systems
  • UPS, emergency power supply
  • movers
  • caravan
  • fishing sport lighting



  • weight: 6,5 kg [net]
  • dimension: 241 x 175 x 190 mm [l x w x h]
  • voltage: 10,0 / 12,8 / 14,4 V [min / nom / peak]
  • capacity: 60 Ah [nominal]
  • capacity: 50-100 Ah [Lead-Equivalent]


specifications (general)

  • current (discharge): 20 / 100 / 300 A [recommended / continuous / pulse]
  • current (charge): 150 A (peak)
  • temperature: -20 to +60°C / 0 to +55°C [usage / storage]
  • lifespan: 3 to 5x onto standard lead acid starter batteries
  • cycle life: >1000 (100%DOD) / ≥3000 (80%DoD) / ≥5000 (70%DoD)
  • connection: plug’n’play via automotive SAE claps (DIN) or ring lugs (M8)
  • certificates: compliant to 2001/95/EG, 2011/65/EU, 2006/66/EG, 2008/104/EU, UN38.3
  • delivery scope: LITE BLOX STORE STR???? LiFePo4 storage battery



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Product Features

11800 g
335 × 400 × 300 mm