LITE↯BLOX LBXXXX battery prototype or small series for industry and motorsport


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Tailor made lightweight battery solutions (LiFePO4, LiPO…), fitting your specific application.

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As a holistic German engineering company, we provide tailor made premium lightweight battery solutions from 6-48V for our selected customers in OEM automotive, motorsport and industry as core business.
Based on this, brand has been developed in house for over seven years to finally become technology leading and fully “dummy proof” with major advantages on common competitors in quality, reliability, performance and product safety.
Furthermore all units are equipped with an IoT interface, enabling us to use our profound field database for development in the field of high power Lithium batteries.


  • application: 1-16 cylinder engines
  • weight: 500-XXXXg
  • dimensions: XXX x XXX x XXXmm
  • cells: LiFePO4 LithiumWerks: 3,3V / 120A / 2500mAh
  • voltage: 3,3V * X  (6-48V)
  • capacity: XXXAh
  • current: 120A-XXXXA
  • temperature: -20 to +80°C
  • lifespan: 3-5x lead-acid
  • application fields: motorsports / racing / prototypes / drones / plane / boat / sailing / karting / bike / custom / car-hifi / audio / industry / camping / energy storage / etc…