LITE↯BLOX GEN4 – the smart battery with Anti Theft

The brand new LITE↯BLOX generation with intelligent electronics & integrated, active kill-switch fuction is available in our online shop from now on.
Please see some recently asked questions in the following:

What is different to GEN3?

  • maintenance-free due to intelligent power-electronics with for misuse and overload by:
    over-/undervoltage, over-/undertemperatur, over/-undercurrent & short ciruit
  • brand new Smartphone APP for extended data analisis (t.b.a)
  • form factor, appearance and performance will remain the same while the small LB11XX is converted into the LB13XX with bigger housing and marginal increase in weight (13XX grams)
  • integrated kill-switch & vehicle anti-theft:


when will GEN4 be available?
all new models can be pre-ordered directly, while shipping will be from 02th of April (in order of purchase – sales partners preferential)

can the current LITE↯BLOX models be upgrade to GEN4?
all current GEN3 model can be upgraded to GEN4 (please contact us for a respective offer)

will the GEN3 be continued?
the current generation will not be continued, while a strictly limited remaining quota is still available up to 31th of March via our Online-Shop or via selected sales partners (only while supplies last).

Revealing the LITE↯BLOX GEN4 at JP Performance

We are looking forward to support our new partner JP Performance in optimizing the weight on their upcoming GTI Clubsport project with Volkswagen Motorsport and therefore visited them, introducing our upcoming product LITE↯BLOX generation…

The GEN4 comes with an intelligent electronics which is monitoring the charge status permanently and protects the battery from any kind of misuse by an implemented powerswitch unit with additional remote function via smartphone (vehicle anti-theft) or external wiring (cut-off / kill-switch):LITEBLOX JP performance

Status of the LITE↯BLOX car battery on your smartphone

Via an integrated wireless interface, all relevant characteristics of our LITE↯BLOX can be read out in real-time using the app.

Our latest models* also feature innovative power electronics with the following functions:

I.K.O.S. – Intelligent kill-operation switch completely disconnecting the LITE↯BLOX from the vehicle in case of overload or via smartphone (alternative to the FIA ​​kill switch for longer service life)

A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft (vehicle anti-theft) all vehicle peripherals / consumers are still supplied with power in the state, but once started without authorization, the LITE↯BLOX permanently disconnects.

Our LITE↯BLOX app is available for free download at:

*except LBtrack version