Knowledge on LiFePO4 batteries as substitution for the standard car battery

Our comprehensive knowledge overview on LiFePO4 batteries as a substitution for the common heavy car starter battery:

What is a lithium iron phosphate battery?

The LiFePO4 or LFP battery is a further stage of the common LiPO battery, on which the lithium cobalt cathode has been replace by a lithium iron phosphate.
It is capable of high charge / discharge currents, withstands extreme temperatures and an expanded lifespan:








What is the advantage on LiFePO4 cells, compared to common LiPO batteries in mobile phones & laptops?

  • no fire hazard, fail safe
  • withstands overcharge / deep discarge
  • capable of high charge/discarge currents
  • expanded life cycles
  • withstands extreme temperatures


Why can you replace the heavy lead-acid battery with this?
You can nearly draw all the energy saved in a LiFePO4 cell whereas from a lead-acid cell it is around 30-35%. Furthermore you can start your car more times repeatable because the voltage stays consistent over the whole decharging process, whereas lead-acid is dropping rapidly.
field examples:

1.) from our smallest LITE↯BLOX LB14XX you can draw 150W power (front- / rearlights) for 30 minutes and still being able to start your vehicle afterwards

2.) a small 2,0L turbo engine with low combustion rate can be started >30times with the LB14XX (fully charged / cold engine @ RT).


What does “Pb-eq” stand for?
Our LITE↯BLOX are engineered as “starter batteries”, different from “deep-cycle batteries” where you draw the whole capacity within an application. To compare our products with starter batteries on lead-acid basis we setup a lead-equivalent “Pb-eq” with factor 3 (based on the information mentioned above).


Why invest more than in a standard starter battery?
LiFePO4 cells are actually quite expensive,whereas the technique itself comes with significant advantages over the conventional vehicle starter batteries:

Comparison Lead Acid AGM to LFP LiFePO4 battery technologie








Our innovative housing concept on CFK with a special foam decouples the cells thermally plus mechanically. Furthermore we only use premium LiFePO4 cells from LithiumWerks (former A123 Systems) in the latest latest revision (ANR26650M1B GEN3).
–> significant enhancement on lifespan, compared to common competitor products – plus improvement on safety (intelligent electronics) and versatility (mounting bracket).


Can I substitute the LITE↯BLOX “plug’n’play” with my standard car battery?
The working space on lead-acid is very similar to LiFePO4, therefore our LITE↯BLOX can be run on common alternators (13,6 – 15,2V).
Furthermore we deliver mounting material to install our products over the versatile bracket, nearly everywhere or substitute your standard battery with our vehicle specific adpater brackets. Furthermore see all relevant information in our document for installation and maintenance.


Do I have to balance or maintain-charge my LITE↯BLOX?
Battery cells based on LiFePO4 are characterized by a marginal self-discharge. For ex. after ~100 days without external consumers, our model LB20XX still enough power to crank the engine. The in-house developed intelligent BMS charging electronics of our LITE↯BLOX forms the interface to the automotive alternator, continuously monitors the cells and reports critical operating conditions with an acoustic warning signal for high reliability without maintenance. Furthermore the state of the battery pack can be evaluated via a wireless interface using our Smartphone App plus it automatically protects itself against misuse and overload.


Can I charge the LITE↯BLOX with any common charger?
To prevent damages and performance loss, our products are only to be maintained with our chargers:

For extended energy consumption while sitting (for ex. alarm system), only our special LB100I model with maintenance function should be used, while on the dyno or in professional motorsport the LB300I model with increased charging power is recommended.


Can I jump-start a deep charged LITE↯BLOX (with cable or booster)?
Our intelligent electronics does a constant cell surveillance which causes an acoustic alarm when leaving the working space of the battery cells (deep- / overcharge). If a deep charged LiFePO4 cell is treated with high voltage (alternator, booster…) this can can harm the cells permanently (similar to any other battery technology). So if your LITE↯BLOX should be deep charged (<8,0V between the poles), never try to force start your car and use our special LiFePO4 charger instead.


Any problems with an alarm system or other consumers in my car?
If you don’t use your vehicle for long periods, please make sure to disconnect via Smartphone App (I.K.O.S. function) or alternativly use our special charger for maintain charging. If there is are no electrical consumers at all, the LiFePO4 based battery will last much longer than your standard one because of the low self-drain.


Can I use my LITE↯BLOX during the winter?
Our LiFePO4 cells can basically be used down to -20°C without any major harm to the cells (see Video)
Compared to standard (Pb-based) batteries, the performance of this cells is furthermore decreasing to a similar amount when exposed to low temperatures.
But in contrast to this, a LiFePO4 cell is producing its own heat environment when drawing current and is therefore even more reliable then.
Because the performance of a battery is always lower at high temperatures plus the required engine cranking power higher, we would only recommend our LB20XX and LB28XX models for use during winter season.


If you consider the issues mentioned above, the lifespan of our LITE↯BLOX batteries is 3-5x higher, than with common lead-acid starter batteries.

Non-consideration can result in a loss of warranty.

We hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge all information supplied in this form is correct and complete; subject to correction. Subject to modifications.