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Since market launch in 2014, our LITE↯BLOX batteries have proven their usability in professional motorsport and performance car applications along with genuine competitive advantages as a full substitution for the heavy & outdated lead-acid car battery.

At LITEWERKS engineering with own development, production and customer service, we set highest standards on all our products,
true to the maxim “quality over quantity”- engineered & manufactured at Lake of Constance, Germany.
This lightweight approach is a true paradigm shift when it comes to weight saving in automotive applications:

“The weight has and will always affect the performance of every object,
which is operated by a certain amount of energy.
A typical Formula 1 car, whose balance remains constant relative to the weight,
loses 0.3 seconds per round with every extra ten kilograms … “

(Gery Anderson in interview with


industry leading electronics

Each LITE↯BLOX features a technology-leading, smart battery management system (BMS), proactively protecting the battery cells from abuse plus overload (voltage, temperature, current).
Moreover telemetry data can be recorded in real-time & easily evaluated for diagnostic purposes over your smartphone (alternatively over CAN-bus).


LITEBLOX lightweight battery

In addition, each unit can be actively controlled via our LITE↯BLOX APP with two innovative features:

I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Operation-Switch
Complete disconnection of all consumers, so that -due to the low self-discharge- no charger has to be connected even for extended sitting periods (remote shutdown).

A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft
all consumers are still supplied with power, but as soon as the ignition is turned on, the LITE↯BLOX permanently disconnects (active vehicle theft protection).


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