the (r)evolutionary lightweight battery for performance vehicles & motorsport

Game changing lightweight design

Since market launch in September 2014, our LITE↯BLOX high performance lightweight batteries have proven their usability in motorsports and performance car applications along with genuine competitive advantages.

Needless to say that they are game changing, when it comes to weight reduction, since you only have to invest <600Eur for saving 10kg/22lbs, while the common standard is ~1000Eur (wheels, CFK parts, seats, etc…)

“The weight has and will always affect the performance of every object,
which is operated by a certain amount of energy.
A typical Formula 1 car, whose balance remains constant relative to the weight,
loses 0.3 seconds per round with every extra ten kilograms … “

(technology expert Gery Anderson in interview with


Which LITE↯BLOX model fits my vehicle?
Go and ask our vehicle-configurator!


Industry leading BMS-electronics

Each LITE↯BLOX features technology-leading, intelligent power electronics, proactively protecting the battery cells from abuse & overload (voltage, temperature, current).
Moreover telemetry data can be recorded in real-time & easily evaluated for diagnostic purposes over your smartphone (alternatively over CAN-bus).
In addition, each model can be actively controlled via our LITE↯BLOX APP with two innovative features:

I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Operation-Switch
Complete disconnection from the vehicle in case of overload or via smartphone (alternative to the FIA ​​kill switch for longer service life)

A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft
all vehicle peripherals / consumers are still supplied with power when stationary, but as soon as they are started without authorization, the LITE↯BLOX permanently disconnects


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