VW Scirocco Motorsport GT24 powered by LITE BLOX

Meet a special VW motorsport Scirocco GT24 lightweight racecar with only 1250kg on 350bhp – proudly powered by our LB20XX battery which has been provide by our partner BARTEK Motorsport. Driver and owner Tauras Tunyla is multiple Baltic states sprint racing and North Europe TCR endurance racing vice-champion. With his driver development program Dream 2 [...] read more

Revealing the LITE↯BLOX GEN4 at JP Performance

We are looking forward to support our new partner JP Performance in optimizing the weight on their upcoming GTI Clubsport project with Volkswagen Motorsport and therefore visited them, introducing our upcoming product LITE↯BLOX generation… The GEN4 comes with an intelligent electronics which is monitoring the charge status permanently and protects the battery from any kind [...] read more

LITEBLOX saves 35lbs weight in a VW Golf GTI Clubsport

We equipped the VW Golf GTI Clubsport by Sidney Industries for this years Essen Motorshow with one of our LITEBLOX batteries… The combination on LITEBLOX LB19XX & OEM bracket saves 35lbs (16kg) to the OEM battery in under 5 minutes of installation time:

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Mathilda Racing for class victory in the VLN

The VW Scirocco of Mathilda Racing was victorious for class VT2 in this years VLN season, while our LITEBLOX LB1180 has been on board since the very first race. We congratulate and we are looking forward to the upcoming season!

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