how to save 20kg weight in your Porsche 991 GT3

Our customer CarCareKassel has created a tutorial for the commissioning of the LITE↯BLOX in the Porsche 991 GT3 & explains the integrated kill-switch & vehicle anti theft protection via smartphone APP: Since the heavy car battery is installed just under the windshield in all water-cooled Porsche models – and thus occupies a comparatively high center [...] read more

Porsche 991: Saving weight by substituting the battery

The combination of our LB28XX model plus matching lightweight adapter plate enables a plug’n’play replacement for the heavy standard components, saving some serious weight in all 99X & 9X1 Porsche vehicles: Porsche GT2, GT3, RS –> ca. 19kg Porsche Carrera, Turbo, S  –> ca. 22kg Our longtime partner Laptime Performance has taken a closer look [...] read more

Preview LITE↯BLOX Motorsport-Version

Only for selected customers & partner this weekend in the context of VLN finals: A frist glimpse on our brand new LITE↯BLOX ? MOTORSPORT-Version with full CAN / LIN integration, comprehensive datalogging & integrated kill-switch with external wiring (after FIA). ⏩ Do 18.10 – Sa 20.10 @ PIT No.23 #RootsRacing

Lightweight battery bracket Porsche 991.2 GT3 GT2 RS

Our brand new lightweight package for all latest Porsche 991.2 models is now available: OEM battery (20,7kg) ► LITE↯BLOX LB26XX (2,6kg) ► –19,1kg OEM bracket (1,4kg) ► LITE↯BLOX CFK-adapter (0,3kg) ► –1,1kg The part has been developed with our partner SSR Performance on their Porsche GT2RS, saving ~19,2kg (42lbs) total in this car: