The BMW E36 325i “Ultimate Sleeper” tracktool

“plan was to have a good running car, but not in the M3 look as most people do” The <1200kg BMW 325i stroker – powered by LITE↯BLOX LBtrack battery If Jan does not work on his tracktool, he earns his bun as a developer in the automotive industry and also works as a personal driving [...] read more

Can the LITE↯BLOX be used in winter?

From time to time customers are asking, if our products can be used during the whole season…? Our partner Laptime-Performance just did some evaluation on this on a BMW M3 E92 V8 Tracktool, using one of our LB19XX models:

Lightweight BMW M2 CSR powered by LITEBLOX

This Lightweight BWM M2 CSR is know to be the fastest derivate on German roads and has been modified to +210bhp by reducing the weight around 200kg at the same time, while one of our LITEBLOX batteries is saving ~22kg to the OEM lead acid battery:

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