LITE↯BLOX LB62XX lightweight LiFePO4 battery for automotive applications (OEM)


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Our innovative LITE↯BLOX LB62XX OEM accumulator provides a full replacement for your heavy lead acid 100-125Ah starter battery in modern day vehicles with complex charging management plus energy recuperation (start-stop).
[housing spec may vary from illustration]

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Our innovative LITE↯BLOX premium battery series comes in a decoupled carbon housing* (OEM form factor LN2) with intelligent power electronics*, providing extensive remote control via smartphone APP – engineered & built by hand in Germany.
*patent pending







  • Saves up to 15kg in weight compared to commercially available starter batteries based on lead-acid
  • Housing form factor analogous to common Starter batteries (LN2)
  • Plug’n’play exchange & suitable for almost every vehicle
  • Innovative power electronics (BMS) for disconnection via smartphone
  • Maintenance-free thanks to intelligent electronics with active protection against misuse and overload
  • Use of the latest premium cell technology (LithiumWerks ANR26650M1B V3)
  • Short charging times, therefore ideal for start-stop
  • Marginal self-discharge when deactivared (sitting time >400 days)
  • Maximum security through premium components
  • based on our extensive field date from professional motorsport applications
  • engineered & handcrafted in Germany with a 5 year extended material guarantee



  • full replacement for the heavy lead acid starter battery in modern day vehicles with complex charging electronics & energy recuperation (start-stop)
  • Daily Driven Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Boats…
  • 4-12 cylinder engine (1000-XXXXccm***)


technical data

  • weight: 62XXg** (incl. pole terminals)
  • dimension: 241 x 175 x 190mm (l x w x h)
  • voltage: 10,0V / 13,2V / 15,2V (min / nom / max)
  • capacity: 37,5Ah / 100-125Ah (nom / Pb-eq)
  • current: 150A / 1500A* (cont / 1s pulse @ RT)
  • temperature: -20 to +80°C
  • lifespan: 3 to 5x onto standard battery *
  • connection: plug’n’play via claps (DIN) or ring lugs (M6)
  • certificates: compliant to 2001/95/EG, 2011/65/EU, 2006/66/EG, 2008/104/EU, UN38.3
  • delivery scope: LITE↯BLOX + aluminium pole terminals + mounting material