Most likely the lightest car battery in the world

LITEBLOX high performance lightweight batteries – the product of our profund knowledge in the field of lightweight engineering plus know-how on sales & service of lightweight car batteries in motorsports.

battery manufacturing

Consistently engineered as a starter battery for combustion engines on the principle “quality over quantity”, our lightweight LITEBLOX batteries offer decisive advantages over common competitor products:

  • weight saving of 13-25 kg, compared to standard lead-acid batteries (usual invest: 1000 Eur per 10 kg in motorsports)
  • plug’n’play substitution for the standard (OEM) car battery
  • intelligent electronics, mounting bracket & battery pack in one system
  • improved safety trough thermal cutoff fuses, temperatur sensor plus innovative, acoustic deepcharge / overcharge protection
  • innovative NFC-interface for surveillance, diagnostics and remote maintenance in realtime
  • in-house development & manufacturing by hand
  • extensive customer support (technics, maintenance, service)


  • extended protection for the LiFePO4 battery cells trough our innovative patent pending housing, protecting from direct heat (engine), vibration (road) & impact (crash) and therefore improves the lifespan significantly:

  • use of premium LiFePO4 cells (A123 Systems):

maximum safety –> save cells with overpressure valve – assembled by German Manufacturer (ISO9001)

              – enhanced capacity & performance –> typical cranking car engine 400-900A peak@~1ms

best cold cranking performance –> latest LiFePO4 cells (A123 ANR26650M1B V3)

high current cells with extended power & lifespan –> typical cranking car engine: 400-900A peak @ ~1ms

comparison_LiFePO4_cells_A123_K2_battery Cell-Packs: A123 Systems / K2 Energy / “No Name”
cranking_diagram_car_engine typical combustion engine cranking diagram


LITEBLOX – die (r)evolutionary starter battery:


  • replaces the standard battery plug’n’play
  • three performance versions
  • works with standard alternators
  • mountable in any position
  • usage for various applications on ground, water & sky



  • more performance by less weight
  • versatile with integrated mounting bracket
  • maintenance-free trought intelligent electronics
  • integrated diagnostics
  • tested in professional motorsports



  • save LiFePO4 technique, no fire hazard
  • housing thermally & mechanically decoupled
  • housing works like a safety tank
  • acoustic deepcharge / overcharge protection
  • thermal cutoff fuses



  • 3-5x higher lifespan than lead-acid batteries
  • housing reusable
  • high recyclable cells
  • acid & heavy metal free
  • saving weight = saving ressources