LITE↯BLOX batteries – 6 years Made In Germany

Dear Customers, Partners & Fans,

as already announced, we have adjusted the prices for our core product range from May 2020.
In this context, the functionality has been further improved, while overall efforts for maintenance & service will be reduced…

True to our credo “Quality before quantity”, we have always tried to provide our customers with sustainable & high-quality products at an attractive price-performance ratio and have been able to keep prices stable in the past*, while the range of functions, performance and our direct customer service have been steadily improved over the past 6 years …


LITE↯BLOX batteries – 6 years Made In Germany

After an initial market research in 2014, the young WeightWorks GmbH decided to develop the LITE↯BLOX, its own lithium-based starter battery, which has grown to meet the demands of modern vehicles with complex control technology and energy regeneration (start-stop) and can fully replace the standard starter battery

Contrary to the widespread trend with a focus on importing low-quality lithium batteries from China, our aim since day 1 was to develop a technology-leading product with a focus on quality & safety:

  The battery cell used plays a special role here, because each battery pack consists of a combination of individual cells that are only as resilient, powerful & safe as the weakest cell in the combination. We have never made any compromises here and only use premium LFP battery cells of the latest generation (GEN3) from A123 Systems or LithiumWerks in our LITE↯BLOX.
These are specially assembled at our German core supplier according to our specifications and thus meet the tough requirements for use in the automotive performance area with regard to starting performance, service life and environment.

For this purpose, the first test on relevant LiFePO4 battery cells will be carried out in January 2014 and, in parallel, a housing concept with a CFRP foam sandwich structure will be developed, which reduces influencing factors such as heat and mechanical stress to a minimum, thus significantly reducing the service life of the lithium cells elevated:

From the beginning, we rely on in-house development, refusing to use existing electronic components from model construction – as is usual with relevant competitors – and developing our own battery management system (BMS) to the technology-leading approach that is now in our LITE ↯BLOX is used -> According to our company maxim: quality before quantity.

Before the official market entry in 2015, the first prototypes of the later series product were tested by selected partners in professional motorsport, who were able to confirm the advantages of the previously pursued concept in the field, so that in late 2014 the first LITE↯BLOX generation “GEN1” from the WeightWorks Manufactury -Made In Germany- was able to go into small series (at that time only for customers in motorsport) – the cornerstone for today’s technology-leading product series:

* So far only price increase in March 2018: Introduction of the product generation with intelligent battery management system & app control