Firmware-Update LITE BLOX Smartphone App

our LITE↯BLOX accumulators* come with a wireless interface for full control with your smartphone.
As an engineering company based in Germany, we traditionally do not give anything out of hand and so the app has always been (further) developed “in-house” in order to constantly improve the range of functions together with our customers and partners…

firmware Update
The new, improved firmware version V41 is now available and will be automatically uploaded via your “LITE↯BLOX remote” app at the beginning of this week (confirmation required).

We recommend an update for the following product versions:
– LITE BLOX Performance LB14XX / LB20XX / LB28XX
– Serial-No: #F??? / #G??? / aktuelle Produkte

+ + + changelog V41 + + +
– improved SOH analysis (State Of Health)
– improved recording for extreme threshold
– recording of temperatures <0C
– count engine start cycles

download “LITE↯BLOX remote”

full smartphone-control
each LITE↯BLOX* can be controlled via App with two innovative features:

I.K.O.S. – Intelligent Kill-Operation-Switch
Complete disconnection of all consumers, so that -due to the low self-discharge- no charger has to be connected even for extended sitting periods (remote shutdown).

A.V.A.T. – Active Vehicle Anti Theft
all consumers are still supplied with power, but as soon as the ignition is turned on, the LITE↯BLOX permanently disconnects (active vehicle theft protection)


… and if you are not (yet) one of the happy LITE↯BLOX owners,
it should be mentioned that you can also try the app in DEMO MODE without battery:


*LBXXXX – nicht für LBbasic!