An innovative lightweight starter battery for performance cars & motorsport

The (r)evolutionary car battery – made in Germany

Our LITE↯BLOX batteries have been extensively engineered to set new standards in subtracting weight from your vehicle.

We use latest LiFePO4 storage technology within an innovative accumulator, to substitute your heavy standard car battery by a smart device with less volume and weight.

Engineered for roughest environments in various powersport applications, we guarantee for outstanding quality and strictly premium materials, offering significant advantages over the standard lead-acid battery.



Following the maxime “form follows function” & “quality over quantity”, our LITE↯BLOX batteries are designed for saving weight down to the last detail.

Our innovative, patent pending housing concept shields the cells from thermal plus mechanical influences & therefore allows usage under extreme conditions, providing extended lifespan & safety.

The intelligent BMS electronics (also in-house engineering) monitors the cells permanently, reports misuse, deep- or overcharge by an acoustic warning and protects the battery cells actively from any kind of misuse such as false charging, short circuit or overload.

The latest premium LiFePO4 cells from A123 Systems (GEN3) provide enough power, cycle life and operating range for the hard usage as an automotive starter battery:


simulations & testing

Our innovative housing can be strained far beyond standards in motorsports. Within our engineering process various strain simulations had been verified by physical testing since 2014 and constantly improved even more since then.


impact test

vibration test